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Kiron Viswanath’s research pursuits are aimed at improving the health of farmed aquatic animals, fish in particular.


His current research interest is on the commensal microorganisms of fish. Due to the knowledge-gap on these organisms, Kiron and his team are using molecular and microscopic techniques to investigate the contribution of the microorganisms to host's nutrition and immune system priming. 


As microorganisms are closely associated with the mucosal surfaces of the host fish, the research also covers the mucosal immune system. Peptides and proteins of the mucus, especially those with antimicrobial properties are investigated in order to exploit them to bolster the defense of farmed fish.


A separate line of research is on microalgae. Kiron’s team is currently developing microalgae as aquafeed ingredients; as sources of not only macronutrients, but also bioactive components that promote the the health of fish.






Kiron Viswanath

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